Top 3 Laser Cutting Videos on YouTube

The popularity of laser cutting is increasing with every passing day. The main reason behind this upsurge is surely the wide array of benefits this procedure offers. This manufacturing procedure eliminates the necessity of machining in a number of engineering jobs and as a result reduces manufacturing costs significantly.

When compared to plasma cutting, laser cutting is definitely more precise and more affordable depending on the wattage. Precision laser cutting is controlled through computer programs. In addition, the process uses up much less energy (than plasma cutting) when cutting metals like aluminum and steel.

Another great advantage of laser cutting is that it would not require you to touch your work piece with the cutting equipment. This lowers the chances of contaminating the material significantly. There are certain materials that melt due to the heat produced during the cutting process. When you are using a laser cutter, a very small area will get heated, which eliminates the chances of deformation of the material.

Versatility is one of the most prominent pluses of laser cutting. You can use hobby laser cutters to cut a wide array of materials including plastic, wood, ceramics, rubber, as well as some metals. Due to its amazing versatility, the process can be used effectively for cutting both complex and simple structures.

Are you wondering how you can use laser cutters for doing simple jobs on your own? Watching a few YouTube videos can surely come in handy. The section below talks about three of the most useful laser cutting videos currently available on YouTube. These videos show use of three different kinds of laser cutters for three different purposes. Read on to know more. And some affordable laser cutting activity here.

Video 1:

Many of us are fans of do-it-yourself items. Can you imagine how exciting it can be if you can prepare your wedding invitation on your own? If you have the desire of putting together the invitation all by yourself, laser cutting is possibly the best method you can lean back to. This video shows how the BOSS LS-2436 Gen-4 can be used for cutting out wedding invitations. Of course, the material you will be using the equipment on is paper. You might be wondering why one should use a laser cutter instead of a scissor for this job. The reason is simple, for doing the job quickly and more precisely. The most reassuring thing about the process, however, is that in spite of cutting the paper in lightening quick speed, the laser cutter will not cause any burning.

Video 2

This video from shows how an update was made to a signboard as a step toward reorganizing the shop. The technique used for the job is obviously laser cutting, to be more precise CO2 laser engraving. For those who don’t know, CO2 laser engraving is believed to be the best way of etching something on wood. The best thing about the engraved design is that not only it has the perfect depth, but also boasts a significantly high resolution. The palm trees the engraved design features have their leaved precisely crafted. The video confirms that a laser cutter can be used even on wood boars that are slightly warped. That’s possible because laser cutting is a non contact process.

Another amazing effect of using this cutting procedure for engraving words and images on wood is that it ensures that the wood grains remain uniform all across the board even after the engraving job is done.

Right at the end of the video, it is confirmed that laser cutting is not only effective on wood; it can even be used on acrylic and stainless steel.

Video 3

This video shows how a Trotec speedy 300 is used for building a perfect Victorian dollhouse. The video is a must watch for you if you have kids at home. We all know how costly a doll house can be in today’s time. So, if you have a Trotec speedy 300 or a similar device in your home (you can definitely borrow one from a friend or a neighbor), making one at home would be a good idea. Don’t worry about time limitations as the video shows that with the right kind of equipment the process can be completed very quickly. This project promises to be a fun one. Your little ones will also feel proud to see their parents being so creative.